Welcome to Coffee & Graveyards! I know that this might seem like a weird title for a blog, but just roll with it. There is no specific theme or set agenda with this site. I just plan to see where this takes me, so please bare with me. I will be adding pictures as I... Continue Reading →

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Hello all! My girl Spike and I went adventuring today! Traveled to Holy Hill Basilica and found a few lil cemeteries on the way. Pics to follow! ~ ❤ Ginger

Graveyard & Death Superstitions

There are superstitions for almost everything in everyday life. Spill salt, throw some over your shoulder to ward off the devil. Do not walk under a ladder. 7 years of bad luck for breaking a mirror, and so on. So naturally, I looked for superstitions surrounding cemeteries and death. Some I have heard before and... Continue Reading →

“Unlucky” Black Cats

  I know that we all have heard how black cats are unlucky, but I always wondered why? I love black cats, I have one of my own. His name is One-Eyed Willie and he is the biggest lover/cuddle bug ever and my girl Spike has 2 of her own. They are so lovey and... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of the Gravestone

Obviously, when you go to the graveyard, the first thing you look at are all the beautiful headstones, followed secondly by how well the grounds are taken care of. (or is that just me?) When you look at the cemetery, especially the newer ones, there is a drastic difference between the newer graves and the... Continue Reading →

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