Welcome to Coffee & Graveyards! I know that this might seem like a weird title for a blog, but just roll with it. There is no specific theme or set agenda with this site. I just plan to see where this takes me, so please bare with me. I will be adding pictures as I... Continue Reading →

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New Posts coming!!!!!

It has been a crazy emotional few months, and I have new things to write about!!! Also, the winter months are over and it is back to the cemeteries with me! Please stay tunes as Coffee & Graveyards gets back up and running! ~ Ginger ❤  


Hello all! My girl Spike and I went adventuring today! Traveled to Holy Hill Basilica and found a few lil cemeteries on the way. Pics to follow! ~ ❤ Ginger

Graveyard & Death Superstitions

There are superstitions for almost everything in everyday life. Spill salt, throw some over your shoulder to ward off the devil. Do not walk under a ladder. 7 years of bad luck for breaking a mirror, and so on. So naturally, I looked for superstitions surrounding cemeteries and death. Some I have heard before and... Continue Reading →

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