Welcome to Coffee & Graveyards!

I know that this might seem like a weird title for a blog, but just roll with it. There is no specific theme or set agenda with this site. I just plan to see where this takes me, so please bare with me.

I will be adding pictures as I go cemetery hopping and exploring the local cemeteries as I like to do.

I am a cosmetologist, and a Medical Assistant, so I might post some things regarding those. I also have 3 animals at my house so I am sure they will be in here at some point. This is going to be my place of expression, so please be polite.

Stay tuned for more!!  ~ ❤ Ginger

Life as of late…….

Life lately has just been so overwelming that I haven’t even had time to write or go to any cemeteries. I have just been trying to get everything done and still have time to sleep. I am going to make it my goal that I post at least 2 times a month on here and everyday on my instagram. Thank you for your patience and understanding as I get things together.  ~ Ginger ❤