One of the biggest things that got me interested in cemeteries was when I decided to start looking into my family history. I don’t know my father’s side of my genes so finding out about the side I did know became really important to me.

My first place I started to look was They were the what gave me the majority of my info for my research. Truly, I was able to locate a ton of family records through their website. Also is a great way to locate someone who you are looking for. It is a national data base for locating graves. is a great resource for Catholic burials. They have the burial logs for all of the Catholic cemeteries in the archdiocese of Milwaukee.

I truly didn’t know much about my family tree. I had a few names to begin with and just worked backward from there. One of the first cemeteries that I went to was Mount Olivet Cemetery on West Morgan Ave in Milwaukee. There is where I found my Great-Great Grandparents are buried and My great Grandpa Potter. My Great Grandma’s plot is there as well but that amazing 94-year-old woman is still alive. It is a lil creepy to see her headstone in the ground already next to Great Grandpa πŸ™‚

From there, started following the trail and ended up at bunch of different cemeteries throughout the county. Since all of my family that is buried in the US are catholic, it was pretty easy to find most of them with their awesome resources. I have been to Holy Trinity Cemetery, Calvary cemetery, St. Adalberyt Cemetery and Forest Home Cemetery to name a few. One of my favorites is Calvary. It is the oldest catholic cemeteries in the area. Some of the tombstones there are so old that they are crumbling to dust. Back in the early days of tombstones, they were made of cement and not marble. So many of these markers have no names or dates left on them because time and weather has wiped them clean.


Calvary Cemetery

You can see Miller park πŸ™‚Β You can see how the tombstones are deterating but how it is still so beautiful to look at.

This is just a few of the things that I have found since I started exploring my genealogy and the cemeteries.

Thank you for reading!

~  ❀ Ginger

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