Graveyard & Death Superstitions

There are superstitions for almost everything in everyday life. Spill salt, throw some over your shoulder to ward off the devil. Do not walk under a ladder. 7 years of bad luck for breaking a mirror, and so on. So naturally, I looked for superstitions surrounding cemeteries and death. Some I have heard before and some were completely new. There were a ton to choose from so I pick some of my favorites to share.

  • Passing a cemetery- Have you ever been told to hold your breath while passing a cemetery? You do that to prevent to prevent the spirit of the recently deseased from entering your body.
  • Open the window- This goes back to a time when wakes and visitations were held in the persons home. It is said that all windows should be opened at the time of death to help the spirit have a speedy trip to the otherside.
  • Mirrors- This also goes back to earlier times when bodies were displayed at a persons home. Mirrors in the huse with a corpse should be covered or the next person that sees them self in that mirror will die next. If a mirror should fall from the wall and break then someone who lives in the home will die next.
  • Order of burial- The FIRST person to be buried in a cemetery is considered unlucky. The Last person to be burried in the cemetery must forever have their spirit stand watch over all others.
  • Procession- Never count the number of cars in a funeral procession.
  • Photograph- If 3 people are photographed, the person in the middle is the one to die first.
  • Yawning- Always cover your mouth when yawning, to prevent your spirit from leaving ย and the devil from entering.
  • Mazes- Mazes were placed at some of the cemetery entrances to prevent spirits from returning to the world as it is believed that ghosts can only travel in a straight line.
  • Never take the flowers from a grave.
  • If it rains on an open grave, that is considered bad luck.
  • An involuntary shiver means that someone has just walked over your future grave site.
  • Never whistle in a graveyard, you are summoning the devil.
  • Death always comes in 3
  • Never wear anything new to a funeral (esp. shoes)
  • Coins should always be placed over the eyes of the deceased to pay, Charon, the ferryman that takes the souls across the River Stix to Hades.
  • A metal cross headstone will keep the spirit there, making it unable to go to the otherside.
  • I had found this headstone a a cemetery one day and just thought it was an interesting piece. Little did I know that there was a reason behind the marker. Very interesting if you ask me.

If there are any that I missed that you find interesting, please let me know! I would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading~

โค Ginger

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