Graveyard & Death Superstitions

There are superstitions for almost everything in everyday life. Spill salt, throw some over your shoulder to ward off the devil. Do not walk under a ladder. 7 years of bad luck for breaking a mirror, and so on. So naturally, I looked for superstitions surrounding cemeteries and death. Some I have heard before and some were completely new. There were a ton to choose from so I pick some of my favorites to share.

  • Passing a cemetery- Have you ever been told to hold your breath while passing a cemetery? You do that to prevent to prevent the spirit of the recently deseased from entering your body.
  • Open the window- This goes back to a time when wakes and visitations were held in the persons home. It is said that all windows should be opened at the time of death to help the spirit have a speedy trip to the otherside.
  • Mirrors- This also goes back to earlier times when bodies were displayed at a persons home. Mirrors in the huse with a corpse should be covered or the next person that sees them self in that mirror will die next. If a mirror should fall from the wall and break then someone who lives in the home will die next.
  • Order of burial- The FIRST person to be buried in a cemetery is considered unlucky. The Last person to be burried in the cemetery must forever have their spirit stand watch over all others.
  • Procession- Never count the number of cars in a funeral procession.
  • Photograph- If 3 people are photographed, the person in the middle is the one to die first.
  • Yawning- Always cover your mouth when yawning, to prevent your spirit from leaving  and the devil from entering.
  • Mazes- Mazes were placed at some of the cemetery entrances to prevent spirits from returning to the world as it is believed that ghosts can only travel in a straight line.
  • Never take the flowers from a grave.
  • If it rains on an open grave, that is considered bad luck.
  • An involuntary shiver means that someone has just walked over your future grave site.
  • Never whistle in a graveyard, you are summoning the devil.
  • Death always comes in 3
  • Never wear anything new to a funeral (esp. shoes)
  • Coins should always be placed over the eyes of the deceased to pay, Charon, the ferryman that takes the souls across the River Stix to Hades.
  • A metal cross headstone will keep the spirit there, making it unable to go to the otherside.
  • I had found this headstone a a cemetery one day and just thought it was an interesting piece. Little did I know that there was a reason behind the marker. Very interesting if you ask me.

If there are any that I missed that you find interesting, please let me know! I would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading~

❤ Ginger

“Unlucky” Black Cats


I know that we all have heard how black cats are unlucky, but I always wondered why? I love black cats, I have one of my own. His name is One-Eyed Willie and he is the biggest lover/cuddle bug ever and my girl Spike has 2 of her own. They are so lovey and sweet creatures, I have no idea how anyone would want to harm them.  So the fact that they are unwanted or considered unlucky kinda breaks my heart. So I decided to do some research as to why this was the common thought and found out some interesting details as to why people have these ridiculous notions.

There is a lot of folk lore that surrounds cats, especially black ones. In Scottish Folk Lore, a fairy known as “Cat Sith”, a giant black who was bleieved to have the ability to steal a dead person’s soul before the gods could claim it. In the middle ages, cats became associated with witchcraft, and evil. Cats are nocternal and roam at night. They were believed to be supernatural servents of witches, as”familiars”. They were often killed along with their human counterparts during witch trials. They were also almost exterminated through out the black plague as they were seen as the cause. Little did they know that the cats could have helped, since the plague was brought around by rats.

It blows my mind how just superstitions and wild beliefs follow these creatures. Ther is no evidence to any of these claims, just mass hysteria. Which I could segway into many other topics that this effects, but i digress,.

Protect your lovely black feline friends during this Halloween season and though out the whole year. Remember you are lucky to have them in your life and they love you very much (whether it seems like it or not :))     Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

~ ❤ Ginger